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Ritchey and Red River [27 June 2010]


I am Txbluebell6,

My ancestors were in RedRiver County by 1839 see John Richey (9). I would be interested in finding out more about your Ritchey's, who they were and what line they are from. I am building these pages now, they are not finished. Thanks Pam Pollard.--Txbluebell6 21:57, 14 May 2010 (EDT)


I am descended from another John Ritchey, who was born in 1778 in Virginia, lived part of his life in Kentucky and died around 1831 in Tennessee. He was the son of William Ritchie and Elizabeth Scott. Shortly after his death, his widow Jane (Allen) moved to Cass County, Texas with their children, claiming a Republic of Texas grant/headright in that county. She later moved to Red River County and is said to have died there and to have been buried in the old Shiloh cemetery.

John and Jane were my 4th great-grandparents, through their son Thomas Jefferson ("T. J.") Ritchey. Just a little Ritchey family trivia -- T.J.'s sister Elizabeth was the first wife of Albert Hamilton Latimer, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. And his daughter Julia (sister to my great-grandmother Isabelle) and her husband Samuel Gilbert lived in what is now the oldest rock home in Dallas County, Texas that is still on its original foundation. The house now forms part of the Farmers Branch Historical Park (

I haven't come across an Alabama connection yet but you never know.

Sharon Moore Lunsford--Sharra 18:11, 27 June 2010 (EDT)

A correction to my previous message -- Elizabeth Ritchey was the 2nd wife, not 1st, of Albert Latimer. I wasn't looking at my notes.--Sharra 18:58, 27 June 2010 (EDT)

Red River 1846 to 1860 or so [10 March 2014]

Gosh I hope you are still available here! I'll submit this as "selfish" since I'm only asking for something for myself! Isaac Bateman (there are at least 3 - 4 known to me that are in Texas by 1846). Republic of TX voter /Poll list 1846: One is Red River and one in Bowie County. I have background but not sure it helps to give here. The Isaac Bateman I have ("Mine") was born in TN 1838 TN and then appears in Red River marrying Catherine Emily Smith (b. AL) 29 Jul 1856. They appear in 1860 Red River census with Son William T (Thomas) age 2.He was born 31 Jul 1857. After that the family sort of fragments/disappears. I know that William T goes to Franklin County Arkansas apparently with Laney/Butts/McCrary families where he is known to marry [ 2 Sept 1879] to Elizabeth Jane Carter b. 6 Apr 1851 ( she was divorced from Jesse Jeffers there in Franklin Co. Her family came from TN probably Rutherford/ Gibson Co). The Bateman, Laney, Butts, McCrary, Styles/Stiles were all in Red River 1860 time frame and then they moved to Franklin Co AR - I wish I knew WHY! Then back to the father: Isaac Bateman. His page here says that Isaac Bateman same birthrates and marriage dies in Howard County (I believe it says after 1900). My family lore says he died after 1860.....and before 1870. Further there is a confederate cemetery in Van Buren Crawford County AR - next to Franklin Co -- Isaac Bateman Co K Texas Cav (I've been to the grave site and I believe that is the correct unit on the stone which was documented thru the UDC chatter in Franklin Co area) and that would have been Battle of Pea Ridge I believe. While it is certainly possible that "my" Isaac Bateman could have been a widower, remarried and ended up in Howard Co AR (which I would doubt) and it is possible that it could be "my" Isaac that was in that CSA TX Cav unit and died near the Franklin Co area in AR (but I've loved at did not see Red River Co in the list of that unit-- he could have ended up there). AND it is possible that "my" Isaac could have have died in Red River along with his wife Catherine Emily Smith and the LANEY etc group took him in and they all went up to Franklin Co AR. Back in the Red River wills about that time - after 1860, There is an unmarried Isaac Bateman who dies and leaves his land to heirs Jonathan and Evan Bateman (who I believe came from Cannon Co TN about 1840 or so). THERE IS A LONG LIST OF ISSUES ! but perhaps you have some info to add to my search that pertains to history of Red River Co at that time???? I'm going to pose thiese to the owner of the Isaac Bateman page (Mr Smith).. Thank you for ANY thoughts or facts that you might have!!! Jamie--JAFJamison 17:29, 10 March 2014 (UTC)