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Donald MacAskill: Nova Scotia to Eureka, NV, to Pearl, ID‎ [16 January 2009]

Hi. I am an admin for WeRelate. It's my job to help people learn to use the website. You have created some very nice articles. There is no problem leaving your pages as they are. They are wonderful resources to contribute to the WeRelate community.

However, I was wondering if you were trying to create a person page or a family page for Donald et al. and didn't know how. Just click on the add menu item and select whether you want a person or family page. There are templates that will automatically format the page and once it is saved your data will be indexed with the other person and family pages so your cousins can easily search out your work.

You might also consider creating a place page for your information on Pearl, Gem County, Idaho‎. Check out sample place page. If you click here and select edit, the system will automatically create place page for you. You can cut and paste onto that page. The place pages are indexed in the place index. It just makes it easier for other researchers to connect with you.

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Giant MacAskill relatives [9 May 2009]

Sharon, So enjoyed your page regarding Caroline A. MacAskill. We live in Eagle, Idaho. I am the daughter of Sybill Amelia Sego Loomis, daughter of Amelia MacAskill (Millie) whom you discussed in your write-up. I remember your grandfather, Dan (Donald). Charlotte, granddaughter of Christine and Irene, daughter of Mary MacAskill, visited today and we want to organize an Idaho picnic for the MacAskill relatives. They have access to the Pearl Cemetery. Please call me at 208-315-1075. Amelia Loomis--Ameliabeth 18:10, 9 May 2009 (EDT)