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Image Licensing [6 April 2010]

Hello, I am a volunteer admin and it's my job to help people learn the system. You asked for help licensing your images. I can't license your images but I can give your guidance. There are numerous licensing options, but most images fall into one of these categories:

  • Original published in US before 1923
  • Low resolution copy of an historical photograph. (When you reduce the image before upload, the resolution is reduced.)
  • Snippet of historical document
  • Work of US government--Public domain
  • If you took the picture, select the CC-BY-SA
  • If you know the photographer, get written permission.

Hope this helps. Please be aware that images left in the "Help needed" category for longer than two weeks will be deleted. If you have any more question please leave me a message. :)--sq 14:47, 6 April 2010 (EDT)

Family [28 July 2010]

Hi Shanna, after years of looking for memebers of my family I have finally made some breakthroughs. I realize that you are related to the Lewis's, but I am asking you for info on Mollett(e) family. I have found a listing on Banner and Mary Jane Lewis Mollett(e) and wanted to know if you know anything else about these two. I am the grandson of James William Mollett, the brother of Mary Jane Mollett. I actually wanted to know if you know anything about her parents Zeb or Jeb and Viola Crum Mollett(e). I can't find much on them before 1910. My heart is pounding because you definitely have connections to me and I would be eternally grateful for any info you might have. Thank you so much for your posts on these two. Will you please write to me at, thank you so much. Darrell Allen Mollett.--Darrellmollett 04:16, 28 July 2010 (EDT)