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Thanks for participating in your virtual community.--sq 14:41, 30 March 2007 (MDT)

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John GRIGSBY and Rosanna ETCHISON [24 September 2007]

Imagine my surprise looking through "werelate" finding someone else related to John GRIGSBY and Rosanna ETCHISON. They are my 5th great grandparents on my father's side. Apparently, your Letitia is the sister of my James (4g grandfather). He and Frances PORTER are the parents of my 3g grandmother Mary (Polly) GRIGSBY. Here's where we lose the GRIGSBY name. Polly married Andrew Reid WEIR. Up until this time, all were from or lived in Virginia.

Polly and Andrew's daughter Mary Ann married my gg grandfather William Ladd DURKEE in Rockbridge, VA. Then, at some point, they moved to Texas. Both William and Mary Ann died and were buried in Texas. Their daughter, Luna Hester DURKEE, married my great grandfather Kelcy Holloway POWER. Their son, my grandfather George William POWER, married my grandmother Rhoda COOK. And then came my father, Jack Harold POWER, the youngest of 13, who died in 1999. All in Texas.

The earliest names I have for the GRIGSBY's are Charles GRIGSBY and his wife Sarah WILKERSON. Just names, not a lot else. If you have additional information on the GRIGSBY or ETCHISON families, I'll be happy to share what I know (or think I know).--Banjozmom 19:18, 24 September 2007 (EDT)

Excuse me [24 January 2014]

"Mmcmanness" -

First off, drop your attitude on my talk page. I am an admin, cleaning up the site of livings and questionables that border on the period where they could be nominally living. The rule right now is anyone born after 1904 (110 years) This isn't me picking on you, I delete or tag several hundred of these almost every day. The purpose of tagging these people isn't a gaurantee of deletion - it is simply tagging them so that one member of the Speedy Delete team will eventually go over it. If these people in your tree are not living, and it can be easily found as such that they are not, the dates will be added the tag removed. Most of us do not do on the spot checking of this because there is usually a large volume of them in a family group. --Daniel Maxwell 19:27, 23 January 2014 (UTC)

This is the second or maybe even third time this has happened. Go ahead and delete. You're making my decision quite easy. I'll probably never use this website again.--Mmcmanness 19:48, 23 January 2014 (UTC)

Second, or maybe third time? I have probably deleted over 25,000 living people pages by now and tagged perhaps several thousand. You are the first person to complain. As JRM says, it isn't our responsibility to make sure there are no living person pages in your tree, it is YOURS, the uploader. It is up to you to add this information, especially if the dates get close to the 110 year cut off, after which they are assumed to be living if no death information can be quickly found. If I truly had malice, I would just have deleted those pages without tagging them, but the entire point is to wake the page creator up so he can correct the people tagged if they are in fact dead. Daniel Maxwell 00:00, 24 January 2014 (UTC)
You should be aware that everyone can see your contribution history - which consists of a GEDCOM upload in 2007 and your contributions since then have consisted of two or three comments on people's talk pages. I'm not sure what decision you were trying to come to - but it can't be based on whether or not WeRelate is a good or easy site to use or not - because you really havn't been trying. If you're looking for somewhere to just dump a GEDCOM and walk away - I'm sure you'll find better choices elsewhere. --jrm03063 19:59, 23 January 2014 (UTC)

Living People Complaint [23 January 2014]

If a Person page was re-named to "living" by the GEDCOM loader - that means that facts aren't there that demonstrate that the people are not living. It's not up to the sysadmin or other volunteer, who comes along and decides to clean that up, to furnish information that wasn't originally present in the upload. It's got to be up to the person who either does the original upload - or cares about that line to provide the needed info.

Since pages that are flagged as living will also not have any loaded facts or other content - it's actually probably just about as easy to recreate them fresh - with facts demonstrating that the people in question have passed.

Removing such pages may seem to you an unnecessary or silly task - but as a matter of genealogical ethics - it's the only thing we can do. We owe it to our hosting library to pay careful attention to such things. --jrm03063 19:46, 23 January 2014 (UTC)