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Thanks for participating in your virtual community.--Kittydoc 11:18, 6 March 2007 (MST)

Hawkins Family

Saw your postings for the Isom Hawkins & Rachael Williams family. We may have previously corresponded. I believe you may be related to the Gosnell who married John Hawkins. I am descended from John's brother David H. Hawkins. I just learned of WeRelate. It looks like a great way to collaborate on family research. I've marked all of this family pages to Watch. Bill Hawkins

Harold, Thanks for sharing your brief information about Jesse Hawkins who married Nancy Hogg and John Hawkins who married Mary Ann Gosnell. I have some material on Jesse Hawkins' family. After their marriage, he and Nancy moved to Missouri where they had children. Nancy had some children from her first marriage. I've been in contact with one or more of their descendants. I know almost nothing about John & Mary Ann Gosnell Hawkins. I've been lead to believe that they had one or two sons who moved to Washington County, Illinois, where John's parents had moved, but have never been able to prove the connection. Would be interested in what you know about John and Mary Ann's family. I just returned from six months in China to have surgery. Thus, my family history materials are not at my finger tips and I'm waiting for some test results before they make final plans for the surgery. I'm sure we have exchanged emails in the past; hope we can share more material. I read about WeRelate in a genealogy newsletter I receive; checked it out and found the material you've added. It looks like a great way to share. Bill Hawkins

Benjamin Williams & Winney Bridges - Merged [6 January 2009]


I hope you do not mind I found we are both connected to this couple. I merged this couple to the same Person & Family Pages.

Hope you are having a good 2009 cousin, Debbie Freeman --DFree 16:15, 6 January 2009 (EST)

Lane: Response [23 April 2009]

Hello Harold,

I am so glad that you have sent me a message. Earlier in the year I sent you a message. In Jan if I remember right.

You had not responded, many do not seem to respond to my polite messages.

I thought you were long gone. I hope you do not mind but I have been merging pages we seem to share in WeRelate.

I have as you saw been adding sources too. I hope you do not mind.

Do you have access thru your library of Heritage Quest Online?

The Lane/Wilkinson children including Rosea (Lane) Williams are in this source.

It is called "Layne-Lain-Lane Genealogy: etc" by a Floyd Benjamin Layne published in 1962 in Los Angeles, CA.

Chapter H page 226.

I can look things up for you if you would like?

I am related thr the Huckabee & Williams side.

Debbie Freeman --DFree 23:41, 22 April 2009 (EDT)