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I have been collecting ancestors for about twenty years, and never get bored with it! I have posted an online ahnentafel at: Let me know if you see any names that ring any bells!

I am very excited about the potential of the WeRelate site, especially as it may connect fellow researchers.

I am going to try to focus my homepage here on the surnames of my eight great-grandparents: Morgan, Gleeson, Macy, Norton, Cox, Arnett, Jackson, and Irving.

A few years back, I started posting some of my Morgan data at My Morgan Genealogy Index

This was mostly done to help me organize a book I was writing on the family's experiences during the Civil War: The Cats of Kilkenny

I am pleased to report that it will be in print later this summer.

My next big project is a follow-up book about my great-great grandfather (and namesake!) William Swinney Morgan, and his experiences along The Chisholm Trail. That's a picture of him and his family above, taken in Willow Springs, Missouri, in 1900. His wife was the former Lola Estelle Blakesley. The boy is my great-uncle Edson Lorenzo Morgan. The two girls are my great-aunts Agnes Morgan (later Mrs. Arthur Newell) and Lola Morgan (late Mrs. Harold Newell). The baby is my great-grandfather W.S. Morgan, Jr.

I welcome all comments on my WeRelate discussion page, or via email at (Please delete the NOSPAM from the address before sending!)

Also, please feel free to visit my blog, which I update daily--occasionally with some genealogy-related posts!