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source: GeoNames Geographical Database

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The Latin surname convention is followed for persons born in Mexico.

Juana Carmen Herrera (1938-2014)
Ignacio Andrade Garcia (1873-)
Rosa Andrade Mendez (1896-1984)
Carmen Mendez Urias (1868-)
Maria Esperanza Urias Garcia (~1832-)
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My 6 generation ahnentafel

Wesley Roll
Jonathan Smith Roll
Anne Brotherton Smith
William Henry Roll
John Henry Kidd
Lucinda Kidd
Siche Maria Booream
William Henry Roll
Joseph Tuttle Shipman
William Marquise Shipman
Mary Tompson
Sarah Virginia Shipman
Unknown Woods
Sarah Woods
David Hedges Roll
George Dicken
Henry Dicken
Margaret Dicken
George Henry Dickens
Thomas Farmer
Marguerite Farmer
Hannah Palfreyman
Margaret Dickens
John Aspinall
George Aspinall
Ann Grimshaw
Eliza Aspinall
Nathaniel Porritt
Lucy Porritt
Rebecca Crompton
William Henry Roll
Philip John Lennon
Philip John Lennon
Mary McKenna
Philip Henry Lennon
John P. Owens
Gertrude H. Owens
Marion G. Hughes
Mary Catherine Lennon
John William Wilks
Thomas Wilks
Elizabeth Granger
Isaac Wilks
Thomas Grey
Barbara Grey
Barbara Unknown
Marguerite McGowan Wilks
John Mcgowan
Peter McGowan
Mary Unknown
Catherine A. McGowan
Thomas McCaffey
[Margaret McCaffey
Ellen Unknown