Hi cousins, I've been doing family research for 25 years now. My mother died of cancer suddenly in 1988, she was only 64 years old and I was a mere 37 years old...her death had a devastating effect on me, and the only way that I kept my sanity was to throw myself into the family research that my Grandmother, (Mary Irene Casey) and my Aunt, (Doris Jayne Puskas) had been doing for years. Pictures are ultimately important to me and really bring my ancestors to life!! I started by adding pictures of people, gravestones, news articles, obituaries, etc. to their work. Soon I was into an expansion of the family that would have never been possible without the internet. A few years ago I began research of my father's family also. Genealogy is extremely important to me, and now that I'm the same age my mom was when she died, it's very important to me to make my work accessible to everyone. I have over 12,000 people in my tree at this point. I am obsessed with finding where my ancestors are buried and if at all possible going there to touch a tangible object of their existence. I stand there at the grave and think of the people in my family that gathered at that grave site for the funeral so long ago. They could not have imagined my existence or the recording of their lives....but if not for them, there would not be me!!