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In doing this research I've found that no documentation exists for many of the Humphries ancestors in and around Alabama. The reason is that during the mid-1800's, many court houses were burned in the south, destroying, sometimes, entire counties' records. The data contained in this file comes from contacting many, many Humphries descendants and interviewing them as to their knowledge of the past. After gathering tons of pages of oral history from these folks, census data, bible records, marriage records and land patent records, I combined and cross-checked the names and approximate dates of certain individuals before entering them into this file. I am NOT claiming this data to be fact. It is quite possible, albeit, probable, that the Humphries ancestors listed during the mid-1800's time period are not correct as there is no documentation left to support family linage. The data is compiled from others' accounts of the family and it's ancestors. I did my best to make sure the data was accurate and no 'guesses' were made. If an individual is listed in the tree, it is because that persons name appears on a census, bible, land patent or marriage records from that time period and that location AND more than one oral family history supports that person being listed.