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I was born in Anaheim, California but grew up in and around Seattle, Washington, United States, attending local schools including Edmonds College and the University of Washington. I have come and gone several times, but still call Seattle home and live here with my wife and three children. My father was born in East Murton of County Durham in England in 1927. My mother was born in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana in the United States in 1951. I am also frequently in Japan as I speak Japanese and lived there for a handful of years.

I have recently discovered genealogy as an interest and am currently researching both sides of my family, though it seems there is much more to this than just marriage, birth, and death certificates. Other members of my family have done some leg work, but many of the documents that I am discovering are contradicting their results, so I'm having a grand old time.

I have just started this journey and am looking forward to learning more and getting to know both WeRelate and the associated community. Any feedback, tips, or related research is very welcome.