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My Perkins family is from Edward Perkins and Elizabeth Butcher of New Haven Colony. NOT descended from Thomas Perkins and Pierre Morlaix. See Parkins and Perkins Y DNA study.

My Walker family is from Daniel Walker and wife of Talbot Co., Maryland. This family links to Sarah Boone, elder sister to Col. Daniel Boone.

My Ball family is from John Ball and Winifred Williams of Maryland, and Stafford/Fairfax Co., Virginia. They are NOT descended from Col William Ball, maternal grandfather of President George Washington. See the Ball Y DNA study.

My Swain family is from Virginia or Pennsylvania to Kentucky. The Census records give different birth locations in different years.

I am researching these Colonies/locations: New Haven Colony, Connecticut; New Amsterdam; New Sweden; British East India Company in Madras and Bombay, India, from 1650 to 1750; Bergen Co., NJ; Burlington Co., NJ; Long Island, NY; Talbot Co., MD, Frederick Co., MD, Philadelphia, PA; Berks Co., PA; Northumberland Co., VA; Northampton Co., VA; Russell Co., VA; Stafford Co., VA; Fairfax Co., VA, Norfolk Co., VA; Lower Norfolk Co., VA; Washington Co., VA; Grayson Co., VA; Washington, D.C.; Chowan Co., NC; Ashe Co., NC; Nash Co., NC; Wilkes Co., VA; Rowan Co., NC; Pendelton District, SC; Campbell Co., TN, Fentress Co., TN; Harlan Co., KY; Bell Co., KY; Pulaski Co., KY; Wayne CO., KY; Whitley Co., KY; McCreary Co., KY; Cumberland Co., KY; Bureau Co;, IL; Putnam Co., IL; Sonoma Co., CA; Solano Co., CA. I am also researching in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland, as well as Norway, France, and Germany.

I have tested my Y DNA, mtDNA, autosomal DNA with Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and the Coriell Medical Cooperative.

See my Genealogy Page at