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Britton Scott's Birth and Parentage

Britton's birthplace is unknown and censuses disagree on his birth year though all say he was born in Georgia. The censuses vary on the year of his birth, ranging from 1799 to 1801. On May 19, 1871 Britton applied for a pension based on his service in the War of 1812. At that time his age was stated as 74, making his birth year 1797. My estimation is that he was born no later than 1799.

Spelling variations of Britton's name have been noted in primary records. I have seen it spelled Britton, Brittain and Britain in county records. A record of his death in an old Scott Bible records his name as Britton: “Britton Scott, son of William Scott J------? his wife died on the 23 day of March 1881.” I have chosen to use this Bible record spelling, except when citing a source record where I leave the spelling as it was originally in the record.

The only record we have concerning the identity of Britton's parents was found in the above mentioned Scott family Bible. This Bible is thought to have originally belonged to Dorcus Coleman Scott, the granddaughter-in-law of Britton Scott. The publication date of the Bible is 1836.

From the Bible entry of Britton's death we know that his father's name was William and his mother's name started with a "J." I enlarged the digital image I have of this page, and to me his mother's name appears to be Jemima or Jemina, but the image is very unclear.

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DNA Testing

In 2010 my husband did a DNA test with Family Tree DNA. His 67-marker DNA results appears on the YDNA Match page at the Scott Family Tree DNA Project. [ He is in is I2b Haplogroup and his subclade is M-223. We learned that his DNA is almost a perfect match with a man whose Scott ancestors came from Screven County, Georgia, the county next to Emanuel County where Britton and his descendants lived.

More importantly, my husband is a perfect DNA match with another man whose line goes back to Nathaniel Scott of North Carolina (1786-1868). Nathaniel was possibly the son of Nathaniel Scott who died in Anson County, North Carolina by 1804. This man shared a newspaper article with me which states his Scott line originated in Queen Anne County, MD.

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Possible North Carolina and Maryland Connections

Following the hint in the newspaper article, I search in Queen Anne's County, MD and found the following will transcript for a Nathaniel Scott who died there in 1742.

From,[2] accessed Dec. 8, 2010. MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS: Volume 8

Scott, Nathaniel,Queen Anne's Co.,16th Feb., 1738; 15th July, 1742. To wife Ann, use of dwelling plantation during widowhood. To son John, and hrs., 200 A. “Partnership.” To cousin William Young, son of William, 50 A. “Partnership” providing he pay a proper proportion of charges shd. there be a lawsuit. To son Solomon, and hrs., bro-in-law John Young and hrs. “Scott's Enclosure” on Garmans Ridge. To dau. Sophia and hrs., 100 A. “Tom's Fancy Enlarged.” To grandson William Godwin and hrs., 100 A. “Tom's Fancy Enlarged.” Shd. he die without issue to pass to his younger brother and hrs., and in event of his death to his sister –– and hrs. To dau. Ann Earle and hrs., 43 A., “Tom's Fancy Enlarged.” To sons John, Nathaniel and Solomon, plantation at death of their mother. Testator does not wish son William to have any share in this as he has already been provided for. Exs.: Wife and sons John and Solomon. Test: T. H. Wright, Alex. Abercromie, Joshua Lawrence. 22. 491.

(Note: Queen Anne's County was created from Talbot County in 1705. My research has led me to believe that the above Nathaniel Scott was born in Talbot County, and his father was possibly John Scott of Wye River.)

We are currently studying Nathaniel Scott of Queen Anne's and his descendants, as we feel it is likely two of his sons (or grandsons) migrated to Anson County, NC where a William Scott and a Nathaniel Scott received land grants in 1771 and 1773, respectively. Further research is needed to determine how these two men were related and how they were related to Nathaniel Scott who died by 1742 in Queen Anne's Co. MD.

William Scott in Early Georgia

One very interesting Anson County, NC record points to William Scott migrating from there to Georgia:

Mar 15, 1790 David Jameson, "late" sheriff (Anson Co) to Josiah Dabbs; for £0.15.6 in money & £0.9 tickett sold 200 ac on Pinch Gutt [Cr]; includes William SCOTT's improvements; part of 300 ac that belonged to William SCOTT who moved to Georgia "several years past" and failed to give in his land; sold due to act of General Assembly passed Nov. 3, 1788 in Fayetteville allowing sheriffs to sell land if owners live out of this state & fails to "give in his land or some person for him"; land advertised for sale Jul 19, 1789 at the court house.

I found proof of William Scott in Burke County as early as 1785 and in nearby Jefferson County as early as 1796. Burke was formed in 1777 from St. George Parish. Jefferson was formed in 1796 from part of Burke. This entire area was very close to Emanuel County, where our ancestor Britton Scott lived.

The reader should keep in mind that the following information may refer to the same William Scott or to different men, all named William Scott.

1785 - Burke County. Plat #2483. William Scott. Aug 1785. 200 Acres. On the head of Rountree Branch.

1786 - Burke County. Plat #2479. William Scott. 100 Acres. 6 Mar. 1786. On Bakers Branch. Chain carriers were William Scott and Joshua Watson. William's acreage adjoined John Graham's and William Hines' land. This property was not far from Bark Camp Church Road.

1796 - Jefferson County Tax Digest 1796, Capt. Tandy Key's District, Pg. 39, Line 74 William Scott, 100 acres on the Ogeechee in Jefferson County, 1 Poll, adjoining Walden. (Note: part of Burke County was used to form Jefferson County in 1796.)

1799 - Jefferson County Court of Ordinary, Tax Digest, Key's District, Pg. 27, Line 41: William Scott, 248 1/2 acres on Rocky Comfort in Jefferson County, 1 Poll, adjoining William Lyons and Benj. Sammons.

William Scott was dead by April 16, 1807.

Louisville Gazette: Will be sold on the first Tuesday in June next at the courthouse in Waynesborough (Burke County) at the usual hours of sale the personal property of the estate of William Scott deceased. April 16, 1807. Other Scotts of Interest in Early Emanuel County, GA