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Permanent Genealogy Email Addresses

It has come to my attention (often I might add) -- and probably yours as well -- that many people have posted messages on the various genealogy related web sites and forums with email addresses that have long ago expired. As a result family researchers are left with no way to contact these folks for exchanging information etc.

I would suggest that anyone seriously involved in family history research create for themselves an email address they will use exclusively for their genealogy related communications AND that they should do so using a FREE email web-based service, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL etc.. I personally recommend Google's Gmail for it's nearly unlimited capacity and many features that allow better organization and searching of the data you will collect within it's emails, not to mention it’s integration with Google Docs.

Since these email addresses are free one doesn't have to worry about losing or changing their email address when companies change or when you move or change Internet service providers which can happen from time to time.

By using one of the free services -- for the exchange of family history data -- you will continue to have the same email address for years to come. (Let's hope anyway!) This means valuable information and opportunities won't be lost through those unavoidable email address changes, and it costs you nothing!

If you think this is a good idea you might want to spread the message among the other family history buffs you communicate and associate with.

Rick Gleason
June 2011