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My name is Rachel Johnson. I am starting a new job as a tutor for children who need a little help in reading. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I have been working as a genealogy researcher since 2009. I enjoy the work and helping people find their ancestors. After I started on my own tree, I knew I had found my niche in the world. I like to find out new and different things about my own family. Then I self publish a book with all I have learned. It is fun to share the information with my family.

I am looking for surnames in Austria/Bohemia. They are Janisch/Yanisch from Semriach, Steiermark, Austria and Oberjohnsdorf, Bohemia, Gerlich owned a mill may have been called Gabelmuhle, Schmeiser, Nikl, Schuman owned a clothes factory and Meitner/Meixner. John and Genovefa (Gerlich) Janisch/Yanisch lived in Jagerhof in Semriach by the caves.

I am also looking for Clarkes who came from Midlothian, Scotland. They would be William and Richard Clarke, brothers. And also Thomas Clarke, Leith, Scotland.

And Clarks who lived in Monmouth New Jersey. One of the Clarks being the son of Alexander Clark and Mary (Van Doorn) Clark. His name was also Alexander Clark, the Loyalist, who was born in New Jersey and died in Canada.

On my paternal side from Ireland, Canada and England I am looking for Atkinsons, Burland, Bull, Sherwood, Hollingsworth, and Motts.

Thank you. Rachel--RachelJ 14:43, 22 July 2012 (EDT)