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making images sharper

Adapted from a post by Michelle Clare on the APG list, Jul 23, 2008 at 8:02 PM

Picture resolution ---photo size and dpi (dots per inch) are inversely related. As dpi goes up photo size has to go down to get the same resolution. [Not usre this was was correctly stated. Seems like as DPI goes up, photosize can go up as well to get same resolution]

Some rules of the thumb:

view onscreen 72 dpi
publication 300dpi
Printing from an inkjet printer 200-250 dpi

At 300 dpi an image size of approx. 2.1² x 1.6² will achieve a look similar to that which what would be needed if a designer was going to print it (say in a book or a magazine).

There are several programs which use fractal imaging to improve clarity.

Genuine Fractals ($160) works inside Photoshop and can be used to blow up images by 300-400% without making them look "muddy".