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Bold textThe family of Abner Bates born in 1818 I beleive in Tennessee. He married Jane Turnbough in 1848 in Crawford County Missouri, they had a son in 1851 named John Paul Bates, my great grandfather. John Paul Bates married Magdaline Martha Govero in 1879 in DeSoto, Jefferson County, Missouri.They had 8 children Edward Bates born April 2 1880, Mary Ellen Bates born January 7 1881, Lawery Franklin Bates born May 5 1882, Mary Clara Bates May 7,1885 Mary Frances Bates, born in April 1891, Mary Grace Bates,born April 28, 1892 Clarence William Bates, born October 7, 1894 and Arthur Joseph Bates born October 9, 1895, my grandfather.

I am looking for proof of the parents of Abner Bates and Jane Turnbough. And the siplings of John Paul Bates and their decendents.