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VAN RENSSELAER/ N.Y./MO ROE/NY EDGE/VA FREEMAN/VA/OH/MO HICOK/CN/NY/IL SHAFER/VA,IN MINTON/VA/TN/IN FLETCHER/VA I got interested in family history listening to my grandmother telling stories of her Mothers Freeman family in Virginia. She maintained the Colonial customs, celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas much as Williamsburg does now. This great grandmother was Amelia Freeman who married George Clinton Van Rensselaer in Ohio in 1840. George stated that his father David was the son of Stephen Van Rensselaer...I have spent 30 years trying to find and prove which Stephen was the father. Of course I expected the last Patroon to be my 4th Grandfather..If this is the case I have not been a ble to prove it!