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These are the names I'm searching and the places I'm primarily searching for them

(For common surnames, I've included the name of the individuals I'm particularly interested in -- though, of course, I research the entire family group.)


Fairfield County -- Jackson, Lacy
Groton County -- Ashcraft
Hartford County -- Belden, Hollister, Ingersoll, Kibbe, Phelps, Thomas (Benjamin), Treat
Litchfield County -- Lacy, Mitchell (Anna), Thomas (Aaron), Torrence
New Haven County -- Chidester
Stonington County -- Ashcraft, Carr, Osborne (John)
Tolland County -- Thomas (Aaron, Benjamin)


Kent County -- Frakes, Gastineau, Sapp
New Castle County -- Smith (Ericus), Stallcup


Boone County -- Smith (William H.)
Morgan County -- Lanman


Crawford County -- Van Winkle
Fountain County -- Clark (Solomon), Nebeker, Rowles, Smith (Hayden)
Greene County -- Gastineau, Hatfield, Laselle, Morrow (Adam), Snyder (Elizabeth)
Harrison County -- Frakes, Van Winkle
Hendricks County -- Cronin
Lawrence County -- Gastineau
Marion County -- Gastineau, Harrison (William H.)
Montgomery County -- Fuller (Gabriel)
Morgan County -- Leathers, Saunders (Elizabeth)
Parke County -- Darland/Dorlandt, Myers, Taylor (William S.)
Perry County -- Cockrell, Dodson, Frakes, Lanman
Pulaski County -- Cronin
Spencer County -- Cockrell, Frakes, Rusher (Sabrina), Simpson (Sally)
Tippecanoe County -- Cronin, Hays (Johannah), Nebeker
Warrick County -- Harrison (William H.)


Davis County -- Baird, Porter (Robert), Sapp, Smith
Mahaska County -- Darland/Darling, Leathers, Mattox, Myers, Taylor (John D.)
Monroe County -- Baird, Johns, Massey, Porter (Robert), Rogers (Zephaniah), Rowles, Smith
Van Buren County -- Smith
Wapello County -- Smith


Anderson County -- Arbuckle, Leathers
Breckinridge County -- Lanman
Daviess County -- Harrison (Alexander, William), McAllister
Edmonson County -- Cockrell
Franklin County -- Arbuckle, Leathers
Grayson County -- Cockrell, Sirles/Searles
Hardin County -- Ashcraft, Coy, Dodson/Dotson, Van Winkle
Larue County -- Ashcraft
Madison County -- Coy
Meade County -- Ashcraft, Shacklett
Mercer County -- Gastineau
Muhlenberg County -- Unseld
Nelson County -- Ashcraft, Coy, Dodson/Dotson, Frakes, Harrison (Alexander), Unseld, Van Winkle
Pulaski County -- Gastineau, Morrow (Samuel), Roper (Polly)
Shelby County -- Hedden, McAllister
Spencer County -- Hedden, McAllister
Warren County -- Cockrell, Sirles/Searles
Washington County -- Lanman
Wayne County -- Hatfield
Woodford County -- Leathers


Allegany County -- Robinson/Roboson (Mary), Sapp, Texter
Anna Arundel County -- Rowles
Baltimore City & County -- Branson, Rowles, Sapp/Zap
Dorchester County -- Gastineau
Frederick County -- Ashcraft, Frakes, Unseld
Montgomery County -- Coy
Somerset County -- Coy, Gastineau
Washington County -- Sapp/Zap
Worcester County -- Coy

Massachusetts (organized mostly by towns because that's how the records are organized)

Boston (town) -- Barber/Barbour, Kibbe, Lippincott
Brookline (town) -- Kibbe
Dorchester (town) -- Lippincott
Ft. Hoosic (town) -- Chidester
Pittsfield (town) -- Goodrich, Phelps, Root
Plymouth (town) -- Torrence
Hampshire County -- Belden, Bush, Curtis (Sarah), Fowler, Phelps, Thomas (Benjamin)
Northampton (town) -- Lord
Roxbury (town) -- Kibbe
Salem (town) -- Cook (Henry), Kibbe
Springfield (town) -- Chapin, Thomas (Benjamin, Rowland)
Suffolk County -- Phelps
Westfield (town) -- Ingersoll, Phelps (George, Jacob), Randall

New Jersey

Bergen County -- Sipp, Van Winkle
Camden County -- Van Winkle
Cumberland County -- Smith (Job)
Essex County -- Spier, Van Winkle
Hudson County -- Van Winkle
Hunterdon County -- Ashcraft
Passaic County -- Sip, Van Winkle
Somerset County -- Unseld, Van Arsdale
Sussex County -- Van Winkle

New York

Albany County -- Hollister, Webber
Dutchess County -- Clark (Solomon)
Kings County -- Dirckse
Steuben County -- Clark (Solomon), Rowles
New York City -- Van Winkle
Orange County -- Rosenkrans, Van Winkle
Ulster County -- Kierstede, Roosa, Rosenkrans

North Carolina

Caswell County -- Lanman/Landman
Davidson County -- Ledford, Myers
Rowan County -- Ledford, Myers
Surrey Couty -- Myers (Peter)


Brown County -- Cunningham (Ann), Fuller (Gabriel)
Clark County -- Mattox, Swisher
Fairfield County -- Lacy, Torrence
Knox County -- Ashcraft, Critchfield, Sapp
Logan County -- Mattox, Smith (Job)
Muskingum County -- Sapp, Smith (Job)
Pickaway County -- Nebeker
Portage County -- Sapp
Union County -- Mattox, Sapp
Warren County -- Smith (Job)


Bucks County -- Ashcraft
Erie County -- Mattox
Fayette County -- Ashcraft, Carr, Cross, Shacklett
Lancaster County -- Unseld
Washington County -- Thomas (Dorothy)
Wayne County -- Thomas (Aaron)
Westmoreland County -- Ashcraft
York County -- Hepler, Myers


Anderson County -- Hatfield
Campbell County -- Hatfield, Young (Elizabeth)
Fentress County -- Hatfield

Virginia & West Virginia

Berkley County [WV] -- Ashcraft, Hatfield, Lewis
Fairfax County -- Lanman/Landman, Summers/Somers
Hanover County -- Sirles/Searles
Harrison County [WV] -- Ashcraft
Isle of Wight County -- Vance (Ephraim)
Monongalia County [WV] --— Ashcraft
Northumberland County -- Cockrell
Orange County -- Leathers/Lederer
Washington County -- Gastineau, Gibson (George), Hatfield, Smith (Ericus), Vance (Ephraim)
Westmoreland County -- Lanman/Landman

Foreign Climes

Barbados -- Ashcraft, Pearce/Peers

England (by county and usually by parish)

Sandy parish -- Ingersoll
Sutton parish -- Ingersoll
Olney parish -- Partridge
Isle of Ely (Wisbech parish) -- Goodrick
Falmouth (Constantine parish) -- Chapin
Derby (churches of St. Alkmund & St. Werburgh) -- Ingersoll/Inkerstall
Braunton parish -- Cliffe
Brixham parish -- Cliffe, Easton
Exeter [parish not known] -- Kibbe
Kenn parish -- Easton, Weston
Paignton parish (church of St. John the Baptist) -- Chapin, Cliffe, Easton, Penny
Totnes (Berry Pomeroy parish) -- Chapin, Penny
Allington parish -- Fush, Randall
Kelvedon Hall [parish unknown] -- Hubbard, Wright
Navestock parish -- Greene, Hogg [at Beddenshall?], Partridge
Tewksbury parish -- Phelps (George)
De Northclay [?] -- Cook, Nicholls
Sutton [?] -- Partridge
Killingholme parish -- Belden/Baildon, Folkingham
[parishes not known] -- Goodrick, Hogg, Partridge, Rawson
[parishes not known] -- Chabousant, Gastineau, Herbert
[all this second group are refugee Huguenots, mostly centered on the French Protestant Church in Threadneedle Street]
Stepney parish [now in Greater London] -- Gastineau, Ingersoll
Towcester parish -- Bird, Lord
Norwich (St. Stephen's Parish) -- Birdsall
Burford parish -- Cook (Henry)
Bristol [parish not known] -- Hollister
Pitminster (South Trundle parish) -- Treat/Trotte
Nether Lyne [?] -- Phelps, Tomes
[parish not known] -- Penny
Yorkshire (East Riding)
Malton parish (Birdsall chapelry) -- Birdsall
Tadcaster parish -- Auckland
Yorkshire (North Riding)
Norton Conyers parish -- Norton
Yorkshire (West Riding)
Clotheram parish -- Pigot
Doncaster parish -- Baildon, Birdsall
Heptonstall parish -- Ackrenden, Belden
Hunsingore parish (Ribston Manor) -- Goodrick
Kippax parish -- Baildon/Belden, Folkingham, Goodrick, Mirfield, Skelton
Kirk Burton parish -- Birdsall, Marshall
Leeds parish -- Baildon, Mirfield, Pigot
Methley parish -- Baildon/Belden
Snape parish (Snape Hall) -- Neville
York (Abildon Hall, Baildon Hall) -- Baildon
York [parish unknown] -- Neville, Norton


Poitou (Lusignan) -- Chabousant, Gastineau


Baden-Wurttemberg — Meiers
Magdeburg (city) — Kierstede
Schwaigern (city) — Eberman, Kober, Lederer, Stumpf, Vatter

Netherlands (organized mostly by towns, because that's how the records are organized)

Breda — Sip
Gelderland — De Jonge, Roosa
Hoorne — Jacobs, Walich
Maesterland — Webber
Schoneveld — Wande
Winkel — Walling


Bergen (city) — Rosenkrans