The SETTLES Family

1. Samuel George "Cap" SETTLES is my great grandfather (maternal line). My grandmother, Alice (nee SETTLES) was his daughter. My mother, Opal GIVENS, was his granddaughter. Surnames associated with the SETTLES line, will also be addressed in this section. "Cap" SETTLES married Lula Mae BARKS.

2. Samuel William SETTLES in Walton County, Florida

Samuel William SETTLES, the grandfather of Samuel George SETTLES, is found in the 1885 State Census of Florida as a resident of the Shoal River District. Samuel SETTLES 65 Rebecca 60 Susan 60 Al Nancy HALL 35 Francis 22 Fl Sid 13 Henry 30 Al Eliza 18 Fl laura 1 Lem SETTLES 26

Page No. 53 of the 1870 Walton County, Florida Census, shows Samuel W. SETTLES, age 60, as a teacher with a value of his personal state being listed as "100". He was born in Georgia. Samuel's family is enumerated here, also. His wife "Martha" [Rebecca Martha or Martha Rebecca], is age 55; she too is from Georgia. Her maiden name was RABB.

The eldest child living at home during this period was Margaret C., age 16; next is Columbus, age 14, and Luke, age 12. These children are all shown as being born in Alabama, [probably Coffee County or Pike County].

The BARKS Family

1. Lyttleton BARKS in Walton County, Florida

Found Lyttleton BARKS (sometimes spelled "Littleton"), in the 1850 Census; he is age 45 (b. 1805) and is found at the bottom of page 276, with the rest of the family on the next page. Lyttleton is the grandfather of Lula Mae BARKS who married Samuel George SETTLES on 16 May 1903.

2. L. H. [Littleton Holland] BARKS, son of Lyttleton BARKS, in Walton County, Florida

Found L. H. BARKS, age 25 (b. 1855) in the 1880 Census with Laura J., (Laura Jane, aka "Babe" ,nee CLARK), age 25,. Littleton Holland (often referred to as just "Holland") BARKS is the father of Lula Mae BARKS.

3. Harriette [nee LAIRD] Barks in Green Bay, Covington County, Alabama

Found Harriette in the 1900 Census b. 1849 (Sep); age 40-41; widow with 7 children living. She is the widow of J. Wesley BARKS, 3rd child of Lyttleton BARKS and Obedience NEEL.

4. Hariet BARKS in Green Bay, Covington, Alabama

In the 1910 Census, Harriet is living with dau. Francis, dau. Amanda, son Amos, and two g. daughters (Gussie McKee and Ira Barks).