I'm just starting out in serious research, although I've been collecting names and dates for as long as I can remember. Stories are a little harder to come by because people don't always want to share those, but I'm working on it.

I was honestly rather surprised to find that no one else had yet entered any of the surnames I'm looking for because some of them are rather common. Again, hoping that by making my research public, I'll stumble upon others working on the same names.

I maintain a blog where I discuss all kinds of things, including my family history research, although it has been rather stagnant lately. To view my blog, Ramblings from the Heart. I'm also an active Facebook user, and you can access my facebook page from my blog.

Research Projects

I started collecting names and dates on paper forms, but I often ran into brick walls when it came to getting sources because almost everyone in my "database" was alive at the time.

1. My first task is to collect vital records (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) for as many people as possible who have died since I first started my research, especially those in the US.

2. Find documentation for the Saidat family's immigration from Germany. We know that my ancestor August Saidat (possibly changed from Seidat) arrived from Germany (maybe Bremerhaven?) with his two brothers, but we have not been able to find them in Ellis Island records or ship manifests. My grandfather said his dad was born in Danau, Germany, but I'm not sure how to find out about getting records there.

3. Find documentation of Marchenko family in Ukraine. My mother's family immigrated to the US in 1949. I'm not sure what documentation we have for their physical immigration, because Ellis Island was closed by then, but I could possibly get copies of their naturalization records in the early 50s. As far as birth certificates and such from Ukraine, I am again at a loss as to how to proceed in retrieving that information. I also know that the village he is from was destroyed at rebuilt at least once since their departure. My mother & her mother went back to Ukraine in 1997 and while they did manage to find at least one person who remembered my grandfather and his family, there didn't seem to be any kind of place where records would be kept. Of course, it's also quite possible that records may be available in L'viv (I think) because that is the "count seat" of the Oblast. I really could use some guidance in this department.

4. Try to discover when the Aumann family arrived from Germany (this is my husband's family line). My father-in-law's cousin had done some research (although she neglected to pass on her documentation) and believed them to be in the Chicago area by 1865 or so.

5. Try to discover where the Fredericks family is from. I don't have much information for this family, although I just came into some paperwork from my mother-in-laws cousin and he had quite a bit of info on this side of the family. Again, however, although his information is referenced, I don't have copies of the documents.