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My entire family tree, including very, very distant cousins, is at WorldConnect under the name lmarions, should anyone want to refer to it. My efforts to encourage my eldest son to work on the family tree while he happens to be attending school scant blocks from the Society of Genealogists Library in London, England, were almost entirely unsuccessful. However, my dear sister is interested in sharing photographs and family stories and maybe even copies of documents.

Most of my research experience is with Canadian (Saskatchewan and Ontario) and Irish records. I have also worked on my husband's Scottish and English ancestors. A couple of years ago I turned my attention to our American grandfathers' ancestors. (My husband and I have one each). All the American lines I have been able to trace so far seem to have arrived in the New World before 1700. There is a Dutch bunch. The rest are English (so far). For Bangs, Pomeroy and Wilder, there are ancestors in England which have been discovered by other people. I am checking the accuracy of that research as well as looking for links with the other English-American colonists. Most of my ancestor were early settlers in Massachusetts with one line originating in Maryland. My husband's ancestors landed in New Jersey and Virginia. All our American lines moved west over several generations and then north to join up with our Canadian (and Scottish) ancestors in Saskatchewan.