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Jason Thayer, 1786-1850, is one of the "lost" Thayers. We are slowly finding evidence that he is descended from Cornelius Thayer (1757-1813) and Asenath Bradley (1755-1826). If so, Jason's descendants can trace their line back to Henry Sampson on the Mayflower.

Henry Sampson (Mayflower) m. Ann Plummer

  Son Stephen m. Elizabeth Sprague
  Dau. Elizabeth Sampson m. Dr. Johathan Thayer
  Son   Cornelius Thayer Sr. m. Abigail Jones
  Son   Cornelius Thayer Jr. m. Asenath Bradley
  Son   Jason Thayer

My mother and I have both done DNA tests. We show common ancestors with people in the Bradley line, the Jones line, the Sprague line, Holbrook line (not listed above but pertinate). We are also starting to find documents that support but do not prove the theory. It is my hope that with others working to both refute and prove this theory we might finally know the truth. Perhaps not only for Jason, his brother Ziba and any other unknown siblings.

The lineage from Henry through Cornelius Thayer Jr. is well documented. The descendants of Jason Thayer are also well documented. There critical missing piece is Jason's parentage. Most of my efforts on this project will be to make it possible for Jason's descendants locate each other and to document all of my own findings on Jason's parentage. It is my hope that effort will be multiplied by many descendants.

At this point, I would like to thank both my mother and daughter for their efforts on this project. Without them, we would not be nearly so far.