User:Larris/Riverdale Disclaimer


Important Disclaimer:

I started this project with no knowledge of any of these people except for a name (handwritten, often difficult to make out), a photo date, a location, and an approximate age for each of the kids in the photo. All the rest of this information has been gleaned from census information, WWI draft records, Illinois marriage and death records (all of the preceding based on proximity and ages, etc.), records from other states where applicable, and occasionally an online family tree or obituary. Therefore, it is all basically conjecture. Of all the children in the photo, only Thomas Robert Kinney has been conclusively identified by a living relative as the correct person.

Birthdates sourced to census records should be considered approximate. Marriage dates given only as a year are also from the census and approximate. I apologize for source duplications, these were part of the GEDCOM import process. I have fixed some but nowhere near all of them.

If one of these people connects to your family tree, you will need to ascertain that the connections are correct through birth records, etc. Please feel free to edit details if they are incorrect, or let me know if I have somebody completely wrong.

Happy hunting!