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Misc Code


To create a link to a Special page where the link has a ? in it, as in [[Special:AddPage?namespace=108]], putting the link inside double brackets as I just did doesn't work. Instead, you need to put the entire URL inside single brackets, as in [ Add Person]. This results in Add Person. To get rid of the little "off-site arrow" that appears after the link, you can surround the link with a span, as in <span class="plainlinks">[ Add Person]</span>, which results in Add Person.

Picture Tricks


You can't embed a link within an image, but you can embed a link within the caption that appears below the image if you add the "thumb" parameter, as in [[Image:image title|thumb|100px|left|this caption contains a [[link]]]]


Name Age Sex Relationship Occupation Real $ Birth Place Notes

Text for Wikipedia Template

{{copy-wikipedia|NAME OF ARTICLE}}

<!-- This text is copied from wikipedia. Any changes made will be overwritten during the next update. -->

{{wikipedia-notice|Name of Article}}

New wikipedia template

You can use {{source-wikipedia|wikipedia title}} as a short-cut if you want. If you add this template to your page, the refresh will create a template for the wikipedia text, replace the source-wikipedia template with a reference to this newly-created template, and will add a wikipedia-notice template to the bottom of the page.--Dallan 17:56, 27 December 2008 (EST)


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