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Directions for Use: I don't know about anyone else, but I'm notorious for leaving things out, filing them in the wrong places, etc. This is my effort to help me remember to "fill in the blanks" in collection, documentation, verification, of information.

This is designed to assist in collecting all necessary information on any person. Assign an individual identifier to each person as you "work them up". Assign family group numbers as you go. Keep a list/index of both individuals and family groups with the chart numbers assigned for easy reference and recall.

For the Marriage/spouse, Military service, and children sections, copy and repeat as often as necessary. Some of my relatives have two distinct periods of military service (WWII and Korea for example), two or three wives, and children by each marriage.

Note on the children: for each adult list ALL their children, in order of birth, no matter who the other parent is. There is a line to enter name and identifiers of second parent. If the child is adopted, note it as such, and enter birth parents information, if known. For children of the "Orphan Trains", or other such means of children entering families not of their birth, make a short note on this page referencing to individual chart for that orphan.

Please feel free to make any comments, suggestions for additions or changes, or ask any questions that come to mind. I welcome all assistance to make this as user-friendly and COMPLETE as is possible.

Ancestral Chart Worksheet

(All Dates in Day, Month, Year notation)

Cite source documentation whereever possible!''

Prepared by:



[Last(maiden name), First, Middle]

Spelling Variants of Surname:

Social Security Number, if applicable:

Ancestral Chart # :

Family Chart #:


Ancestral Chart #:

Family Chart #:

Mother: (maiden name)

Ancestral Chart #:

Family Chart #:


City, County, State, Country:


Name of Church:

Location of Church:

City, County, State, Country:



include Ancestral & Family Chart #s.

Date of Marriage:

Place of Marriage:

Name of Church:

Location of Church:

City, County, State, Country:

Date of Divorce:

Place of Divorce:



City, County, State, Country:

Cause of Death:


Name of Church/ Cemetery:

Location of Church/ Cemetery:

City, County, State, Country:


Date of Will Written:

Date entered into Probate:

Date completed Probate:

Location of Probate:


Given Name:

Born to:

Date of Birth:

City, County, State, Country:

Ancestral chart #:

Family Chart #:

Direct Ancestor? :

Name of Spouse:

Date of marriage/ Place:

Ancestral chart #:

Family Chart #:

Direct Ancestor? :

Date of Death / Cause:

City, County, State, Country:


Biographical Notes:

With information on education, military service, marriage(s), children, illnesses, religious milestones, migrations, residences, jobs, family events, land purchases, court appearances, death & burial, etc.

Physical Description:





Comments & Notes:

Education Level: High school, occupational, college. Include years attended and whether graduated.

Degrees held:


Military Service:

Service/Serial Number:

DD214 issued?

Dates of Service:

Length of Service:

Branch of Service: (include whether Active Duty, National Guard, or Reservist)

Rank and type at Discharge: (Honorable, General, Medical, Dishonorable)

Rank and Unit:

Conflicts served in:


Awards and decorations:

Disabilities Incurred:

Wartime memories, Notes & Comments:


Religious Preference:

Church Attended:

Fraternal Organizations:



Comments & Notes:


Occupation(s): Job title, location, and dates if known [Employers' name & location]

Financial Status: (if known or desired)

Places of Residence during lifetime: As many as possible. If exact address unknown, list city and/or state. Include dates of former addresses, and telephone numbers, if possible.

Hobbies & Special Interests:

Friends and Associates: As many as possible. If exact address unknown, list city and/or state. Include dates, and telephone numbers, if possible.