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I'm afraid that as the internet is precisely what it is, I find myself frustrated by the very thing it is... an ever-changing resource. The lack of stability in information alone is enough to make me want to throw up my hands in utter defeat. Nothing drives me so crazy as finding the very webpage I'm needing and discovering that it *used to exist*, but now no longer does. I could handle it if the information was never there originally, because there is a lot of information not available on the internet. Instead, you arrive at the main index of the source you're needing -- it's right at your fingertips! -- and none of the links to the actual transcribed information are there. I swear the internet taunts me with situations like this, but it's my own fault for getting frustrated at something which I know is going to happen and I really wish never would. ---- And then after that rant, I finally find the resource again, but in a totally different format and in a totally different place. Doesn't that figure? I feel better. :D - 16 Dec 2012

I am going to make the attempt to follow the standards as I find them on the WeRelate Wiki. In order to advocate standards, I must follow them myself if I can find them. Also, as I find them, I will do my best to put them here so I don't lose them again. Here's to plunging in and getting it right at the beginning! :D - 19 Nov 2012