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G’day potential Cousins! My name is Ken Amoore, I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and I have been doing family research on and off since 1996 (was it really that long ago?). I’m very pleased to have found WeRelate, it’s just the thing I have been hoping for as it’s nearly impossible to keep my database up to date and consistent. I am slowly learning the system and gradually loading all my work, fixing mistakes and making corrections. Hopefully I can help others make connections they didn’t know about, and find a few myself. I can see WeRelate becoming huge in a few years and everyone will automatically go to it like Googling. I am enormously grateful to all of those previous generations over the years who started the research on our genealogy and gave me such a great kick start as well as all of those kind and helpful people who have encouraged me to continue finding exciting snippets.