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Mindert Vanhorn

b.9 Sep 1760 Acquackanonk, Passaic, New Jersey, U.S.

d.1832 Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada

Facts and Events Name[3][9] Mindert Vanhorn

Alt Name[1] Minard

Alt Name[4][5] Minddert

Alt Name Mindart

Alt Name[2][3] Van Horne

Baptismal Name[6][7][8] Meyndert Van der Haan

Gender Male

Birth[2][6][7][8] 9 Sep 1760 Acquackanonk, Passaic, New Jersey, United States

Christening[6][8] 12 Sep 1760 Acquackanonk, Passaic, New Jersey, United States

Emigration[2] 1783 New York, New York, United States

Immigration[2] 1783 Shelburne, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada

Residence[3] 1784 Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada

Marriage 31 Dec 1788 Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada to Susanna Harlow

Death[1] 1832 Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada


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"Mindert, son of Robert and Patty Van Horne, of Newark, New Jersey, went to Shelburne, N.S., at the age of 23, as a Loyalist settler. He moved from Shelburne to Liverpool in 1784. On December 31, 1788, he married Susannah, daughter of Robert and Jane (West) Harlow."

The series of volumes of The Diary of Simeon Perkins include numerous references to Mindert Vanhorn who worked as a carpenter on Perkins' home, ship and store. In the diaries he is alternatively called "Minard," "Mindart," and "Mindert". From these passages we know that Mindert was given a deed to some town lots in 1790, served on a jury in 1793, travelled to Lunenburg in 1799, and even that, on Dec. 22, 1789, he "Cut his Knee about 2 O'clock, So he could not work."

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Source also called "Nova Scotia, Queens County, Notes of Thomas Brenton Smith, 1700-1950"

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Meyndert, born 9 Sep 1760, bapt. 12 Sep 1760; parents: Dirk Van der Haan and Metje Gerrebrandse. Witnesses: Jan Thomasse and Marritje Van Houte. or, for general collection:

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Meyndert, son of Dirrick Van Der Haan and Metje Gerrebrandse, was born 9.9 and baptised 9.12, 1760. Witnesses: Jan Thomasse and Marritje Van Houte.

↑ Descendants of this family adopted the surname Vanhorn/Van Horne.

Parents and Siblings

F. Richard Van der Haan 1729 -

M. Martha Gerrebrandse 1724 - m. 19 Apr 1752

Catrina Van der Haen 1754 -

Mindert Vanhorn 1760 - 1832

Tryntje Van der Haan 1764 -

Cornelius Van der Haan 1766-

Spouse and Children

H. Mindert Vanhorn 1760 - 1832

W. Susanna Harlow 1764 - m. 31 Dec 1788

Richard Vanhorn 1790 -

Reuben Vanhorn 1791 -

Alexander Vanhorn 1793 -

Edward Vanhorn 1798 - 1891

Martha Vanhorn Est 1803 - 1891