User:JoshHansen/Reasons for Cemetery Namespace


Cemeteries are places that play a unique role in family history research. As such, the pages (namespace) representing cemeteries would be most useful if they provided the following features:

  • Auto-list-generation (like a Category). The idea is to list at least all the Person and Family pages linking to cemetery, as they are likely to be people/families buried there. Photos, related sources, etc. should all probably be displayed as well. It would be excellent if the people linked to the cemetery could be automatically listed as if they had been transcribed.
  • Geo-temporal location (like a Place). Coordinates, located-in, map, year range, etc.
  • Automatic surname category linking (like a regular article). See this list of interments to see an example of that feature in use in a cemetery scenario.
  • Citation ability (like a Source). Cemeteries need to be citeable because the grave markers contained therein are in and of themselves a very important source of information. A separate Cemetery namespace might facilitate this while providing an option to filter out cemeteries in certain popup menus, so they don't clutter up every source citation experience.

Much of this is discussed at WeRelate:Cemeteries as Places as well.