These pages are a listing of the cemetery pages on, complete with a link for a Place page should one need to be created, links to the pages, contact email addresses, and a status field. The idea is to email people to ask permission to use their transcriptions. The permission of all contacts (every email address) is needed in order to do this, unless one contact has a specific relationship allowing them to vouch for another (e.g. a wife gives consent on her husband's behalf).

When you email somebody to ask for permission to post their transcription to WeRelate, be sure to change the "Status" field to say "Emailed on " and then give the date of your email. Emails should follow this form letter, with the appropriate fields replaced with the relevant information:

Subject: Your transcription of _SUCH_AND_SUCH_ Cemetery Hello, I'm writing concerning your transcription of _SUCH_AND_SUCH_ Cemetery on Will you permit me to add your transcription to a page about that cemetery on the WeRelate family history collaboration website? The page on WeRelate will be released publicly with the GNU Free Documentation License, which means that your transcription would be freely available for use by anybody as long as they give you credit. Having your transcription on WeRelate would be a good thing because WeRelate allows an extremely useful integration of photographs and pedigree data with pages about places like cemeteries. Being able to weave your information into this freely-available web of genealogical data would give your transcription a wider audience... and make WeRelate all the more useful. If you want this to happen, just say so. If not, that's OK, too, and I won't bother you again in the future. Thanks! _YOUR_NAME_ P.S. For more information on WeRelate, click <a href="">here</a> to take the tour!

When posting a cemetery transcription taken from, only include the content found between the <!-- #BeginEditable "Body" --> and <!-- #EndEditable --> tags. All other content is held in copyright by Only the user-contributed content within those tags, and only when the user(s) authorize us to do so, can be added to WeRelate.

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