The numbers in front of the surnames identify how they fit into my personal standard ahnentafel.

My Claypool line does extend back to James Claypool, personal friend of William Penn, which then connects me with nearly every royal family in Europe, in one way or another, usually directly.

The Doane connection takes me back to Mayflower connections.

In every line other than my Paff/Kramer section, my great grandparents who were immigrants from Bavaria in the 1860's, I can find either grandfathers or great granduncles who were participants in the American Revolution, at least so far as I know the story.

I approach genealogy research with a very open mind, and attempt to have each connection demonstrated documentally before connecting the dots. Some of my "stuff" is "family legend," but then, that's where every genealogy researcher is instructed to begin their quest.

I welcome further thoughts, insight and correction by documentation.