User:JeffreyRLehrer/Mykaela's Seventh Generation


Mykaela's Great, great, great great grandparents.

The pedigree chart below starts with the surnames of Mykaela's grandparents and represents an almost complete, Onto the Seventh Generation for Mykaela.

Acceasing source documnets for 2 people should confirm and expand on the currently available information.

  • Amelia McKenzie, to confirm her parents names and possibly lead to information on her grandparents.

Pedigree of Mykaela Lehrer
Lehrer Marcel Lehrer Florent Lehrer Léon Lehrer François Lehrer
Catherine Freyermuth
Rosine Schirra Charles Schirra
Odile Anstett
Marie Scherno Edouard Scherno Antoine Scherno
Madeleine Carabin
Francoise Blaise Louis Blaise
Francoise Unternehr
Gwen Borrill Alfred Borrill William Borrill Henry Borrill
Anna Sherwood
Agnes Simpson Francis Simpson
Agnes Hubach
Elsie Henderson Erasmus Henderson John Henderson
Isabella Campbell
Agnes Williams John Williams
Eliza Harries
O'Sullivan Frank O'Sullivan Mick O'Sullivan Jim O'Sullivan Patrick O'Sullivan
Ann O'Connell
Ellen Roney Peter Roney
Sarah Brookman
Ruby Bentley William Bentley William Bentley
Mary Collins
Ellen Malone Philip Malone
Mary Ann McCarty
Toby Johnson Henry Johnson Andrew Johnson Johan Johansen
Berith Andersdr
Kate Price Henry Price
Catherine Byrne
Elsie Crockett Richard Crockett Thomas Crockett
Jane Diplock
Jane McDougall Alex McDougall
Christina Couper
Mumford Cliff Mumford Charles Mumford William Mumford Edward Mumford
Grace Peacock
Emma Stickland James Stickland
Ann Trowbridge
Amelia McKenzie Colin McKenzie "Unknown"
Hannah "Unknown"
Ada Curnock Louis Curnock Theodore Curnock George Curnock
Mary Collins
Louisa Tate Charles Tate
Louisa Hawtrey
Ada Clifford Alfred Clifford George Clifford
Phoebe Bower
Edith Nicholls Thomas Nicholls
Amelia Batten
Rogers George Rogers Bill Rogers William Rogers William Rogers
Elizabeth Knight
Alice Langman William Langman
Sarah Whittle
Tilly Noakes George Noakes William Noke
Fanny Noke
Louisa Williams Thomas Williams
Pat Goss Bill Goss Joseph Goss William Goss
Kitty Cooper
Eleanora Coppins John Coppins
Elizabeth Major
Jessie Noakes George Noakes William Noke
Fanny Noke
Louisa Williams Thomas Williams