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[1] Thank you for taking the opportunity to read my profile, I promise it won’t be too long and it won’t be to brief, but I hope by the end of your reading you will feel more connected to me.

I was born to the union of Louis James Robinson of Wilson, Louisiana and Dorothy Louise Finley of Asheville, North Carolina on August 30, 1951 in the Saint Joseph Hospital in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, the second of 8 children. We moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1954 where I lived until I joined the military service on October 19, 1969, after the completion of High School. My education first took place at home from my mother then off to Scott Street Elementary School for 6 years, followed by 2 years at Capitol Jr. High School, and on to Capitol Sr. High School for 4 years. But my true education and adulthood became when I became a soldier. My first duty assignment was in Vietnam as a RECON soldier, where I learned how to survive, how to stay alive, which battles to fight and which one to keep away from. This invaluable experience has served me well throughout my life.

After Vietnam I became a Drill Sergeant a week before I turned 20, and what a high it was for me, to be 19, a decorated Vietnam hero, and now a Drill Sergeant, life was good and I felt like I was on top of the world. It was a month later that I met my first wife, a fiery Jamaican with a dynamite body that turns men heads where ever she went. We would later marry in Nov, 1973 and have our only child Diana in 1975. We divorced in 1981 and I remained single the remaining time of my military career.

Here is my complete military assignments you can read this or skip to the next paragraph: Ft. Polk, LA for training; Vietnam for training and assignment; Ft. Leonardwood, MO for training and assignment; Baton Rouge, LA for assignment; Ft. Rucker for training; Ft. Carson for assignment; Ft. Bliss for training; Ft. Benning, GA for training; Ft. Carson, CO for assignment; Darmstadt, Germany for assignment; Babenhause, Germany for assignment, Baumholder, Germany for assignment; Ft. Lewis, WA for training and assignment; Ft. Benning, GA, for training and assignment; Ft. Gordon, GA, for training; Ft. Bennings GA for assignment; Taegu, Korea for assignment; Ft. Huachuca, AZ for training and assignment; Yongsan, Korea for assignment; Pentagon, Washington DC for assignment; Yongsan, Korea for assignment; Ogden Utah for assignment; Ft. Gordon, GA for training, Ogden, UT for assignment, Ft. Carson, CO for retirement. (Whew) That was a lot of assignments and training, but it did span twenty years.

While I was in the service I also completed civilian training for Hotel Motel manger, completed civilian training for Professional Photographer, completed my associate degree in general studies, worked part time as a security guard, dancer, DJ, singer, bowling alley attendant, men clothes salesman, a Photographer instructor for Central Texas College and opened and operated my own Photo Studio (over 18 years). While I was in the military I was introduce to the Masonic order. I became a member of the Prince Hall family and became a Master Mason, Royal Arch Mason, Knight Templar, a Noble, a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, and what I think is the most beautiful fraternity of them all, a member of the Easter Star.

After I retired in 1990, I bounced around from job to job looking for my next career. I took some jobs to try something new, and I took some just to see what it was like. I sold cars, birds, and men clothes; I worked for a hotel resort as a night auditor, worked as a waiter, fish packer, and as an assistant manager for Rent-A-Center. All of this was while I was living in Fort Walton Beach Florida for two years. Later I relocated to Orlando with the company and eventually worked for Cingular Wireless formally known as BellSouth Mobility as a call center manager. In Orlando is where I met my current wife and the mother of our son Jason. While working for Cingular, I decided to go back to school and complete my college education. I received my BABS in management in 2000, and started my master’s work when I had to have surgery on my lower back. Three back surgeries later, I still am not 100% but I am alive and very thankful for each day that I can get out of bed. My career with Cingular ended in 2004 and I made a decision to retire again and take my family to the Philippines. And this is where we are now.

We moved to the island where my wife was born, so she could be near her ailing parents. The Philippines is a beautiful country but is very corrupt. Things are not the way we picture them to be, so with this in mind, we decided to return to the states once our business here is complete.

I was ordained a minister in 2005, I love doing oil painting on canvas, writing poetry, writing short stories, and reading. I still play basketball, lift weights and go for long walks to meet people and take pictures of the things that I am impressed with during my travels. I enjoy fishing, hunting and boating. I love going to nice zoos, nice beaches and. watching college football and the NBA on TV.

God is my light, I love my dad to death, my daughter is the apple of my eye, my son is a work in progress and my wife is my best friend.

--Jaloly1 06:28, 11 March 2010 (EST)