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My paternal (Y-DNA) ancestors left Ulster Ireland and arrived in the American colonies during the mid-1700's. They were among the "Ulster-Scots." Looking further back, prior their migration to Ulster Ireland, my direct Hays/Hay/La Haye (R-L2) lineage thrived in Scotland for nearly 800 years. Their first ancestors to arrive in Scotland came as part of the Norman Conquest, departing from the French regions of interlocking hedgerows, La Haye Normandy, eventually arriving and settling in Scotland. But, for those of us whose ancestors and their descendants have since then dwelled in Scotland, we can consider ourselves Scottish. After all, if we look deeper into my Y-DNA we will also conclude that for Millenia, prior to their inhabitants in Normandy, my direct paternal ancestors dwelled in the mountains of Northern Italy as the Alpine Celts, and most likely descended from the Western Hallstatt culture around the Black Forest of Switzerland, the place where the highest STR diversity is found for my U152/S28 SNP, which normally indicates that it is a haplotype's place of origin. So my point is, if you want to travel far enough back through our ancestors migrational path, we would all eventually have to consider ourselves non-European. So as I've stated, for nearly 800 years my direct Y-DNA (R-L2) Hays/Hay/La Haye lineage has lived and thrived in Scotland and for some time in Ulster as well. I am therefore of Scottish descent. My Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-L2. (My SNP Tests = L2+ M173+ M207+ M269+ M343+ P25+ P312+ U152+)

I am a grandson of Edwin James Hay(e)s, b. '25 Dec' 1902, Hannibal, MO. He was the son of George Dillard Hays, b. 10 Aug 1872, Ralls, MO.  He was the son of Andrew Collins Hays, b. 11 Apr 1835, Monroe, Tennessee.  He was the son of George Campbell Hays, b. 7 Mar 1794, Rockbridge, VA.  He was the son of Charles John Hays, b. 24 Aug 1752, Augusta, VA.  He was the son of Andrew Hays, b. abt 1716, Bangor, Ulster, Ireland.  He was the son of John Hays, b. abt 1674, Scotland.  He was the son of Andrew Hays, b. abt 1650, Scotland. Etc, etc, etc, ...

As shown above, I am a direct descendant of the Ulsterman AKA Ulster-Scot, John Hays (1674-1751) who married Rebecca (1680-1752) in the year 1715 in the Province of Ulster, Ireland. In 1740 they immigrated from Ulster to Augusta Virginia, along with their adult children.  This John & Rebecca Hays built their plantation just two miles north of Rockbridge Baths, where Hays Creek and Moffett's Creek ran together. It was there on a natural mill site, that John Hays built the first fulling mill in what later become Rockbridge County (est. 1778). He died in the early part of 1751 leaving a last will & testament.  On 29 May 1751, the Augusta justice, William Lusk "ordered that a road be cleared from Hays' Fulling Mill to Timber Ridge Meeting House" (Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church). Then Moffett's Creek was changed to Hays Creek and Hays Creek became Walker Creek, thus the original mill site along with the John Hays family settlement, is located on what today is known as Walker Creek, along East Field Road, Route 731.

Military records show that the sons and grandsons of John Hays (1674-1751) fought for our freedom in the American War of Independence and in the War of 1812. His Hays descendants were many and soon they spread from Virginia to Tennessee and Kentucky, then into Missouri, Iowa and further into the Western United States. My name is Gene Hays and as I stated above, I am a direct descendant of this Ulsterman, John Hays. In terms of my genetics (Y-DNA), I am in the R-L2 Haplogroup, as will be all proven direct male descendants of this John Hays (1674-1751).

Any Hay, Hays, or Hayes male who comes from the same direct paternal lineage as "the Ulsterman" John Hays (1674-1751), and who has ordered the Y-DNA67 test (and the L2 SNP) at will prove to be of the haplogroup "R-L2" and will also most likely have a value of 13 at DYS492, which is fairly unique for us as non-Frisian descendants. Anyone interested in comparing all 67 markers can visit Family Tree DNA and view the results of three (3) of his direct descendants, all living today. In order to view the DNA test results of these three currently known direct descendants of John & Rebecca Hays (married 1715), visit and click on the "Y-DNA Results" link. Their kit numbers are 110656, 132481, and N47554. The number of (Ulsterman) John Hays descendants who have joined this DNA research is likely to increase. (Note that Andrew Hays, b. 1716 was one of John & Rebecca Hays' sons.

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A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia,+walker+creek&source=web&ots=oEO0bgKi9v&sig=ITRoeHu5GgXVoN78m0A_zZdoYxQ&hl=en&ei=JUKbSb78MYr2sAOIsJiqAg&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=3&ct=result


Timber Ridge Presbyterian Meeting House

Valley Conservation Council

Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church, 73 Sam Houston Way, Lexington, VA 24450