My mom and I have both been interested in genealogy for many, many years but it wasn't until 2001 that we both had the interest at the same time. Bitten by the Genie Bug together we consider ourselves to be "Tag Team Genealogists". We always have someone to cheer for us when we make a new find; someone to ask to "read this word" or "make out that letter" on an old document you swear was written in such a way as to purposefully confound specifically you 100 years after the fact; someone to commiserate with when the promising lead fizzles out; someone to follow up on different branch of research when you take a wild left turn and need to verify some information; and the most important of all an up-to-date second working copy of our family history.

We've stumbled upon cemeteries overgrown by forests, unearthed tomes of information that seem to be the sole in existance & stared at ancient family photos praying for inspiration, "Where did you go?!", together. We've managed to follow one line back to the Kings of England, which validated some family lore & we laughed, looked into who these royal people were & we groaned, and then we laughed again because that and $1.35 will get us a cup coffee at the local diner or Wawa.

We've also managed to interest some of the next generation in our research and are fostering that as much as we can, because hey, we need someone to leave all these piles of paper and photos to!