Status of research and websites:

I am currently working on integrating my websites and data. I have a website that houses my genealogical data that is currently in my genealogy database. The software I use for genealogical research is The Master Genealogist by Wholly Genes, and the software which natively reads this database and renders it into HTML for my website is called Second Site by John Cardinal.

Recently I also started a related genealogy blog at Wordpress. The address for this blog is . This blog is used for posting genealogy news I find interesting or useful as well as photos or other things of interest related to my research or the research of others that interests me.

I also use under name @lambersonroots for much the same purpose at my blog.

Lastly I am beginning to use this wiki as a way to collaborate with others interested in the research I do. My goal is to invite others to contribute and share here in addition to using this site for my day-to-day research and also perhaps as a repository for information, individuals and families about which not enough is known yet to include in my other data as presented on my main website.