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Jonas Ullberg 1706 - 1770 was a swedish rebel who took part in a riot against til swedish Riksdagen i 1756 in order to support the swedish queen. The riot however was stopped in its birth, but many of the participants were judged, some of them literally lost their head. Jonas Ullberg took part in spreading riot-pamflets througout western part of Sweden. Jonas Ullberg got a death penalty, but in the end he sat 6 years in prison. On internet it is digitiazed more books from these happenings. I found ytem searching for familyname HELLBERG in Sweden. When entering the churchbooks for KØPING IN WESTMANLAND IN SWEDEN, I noticed tatt "Jonas Ullberg" was misspelled as "Jonas Hellberg". Jonas Ullberg has never been noticed for his historical participation in these events.By googling "JONAS HELLBERG" OR "FLODELIUS" or booth together you will come up with 5-6 sources. "Jonas Hellberg" is wrong. The churchbooks and prisonlists will confirm that "Jonas Ullberg" is the right man. If you want more information from me send me an e-mail to (