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Hello, my name is Andrew Forbes. I primarily use this site as a means for organizing all the information I've found and for collaboration. My overall goal is to try to trace back my ancestry to the first generation immigrants to North America. My primary means are free sources I can find online. [www.] provides a lot of my primary sources. I am fairly new at genealogy, so I apologize in advance for when I make mistakes. (I've definitely made some mistakes to learn from already) Doing US/Canada research pre-1850 I have found to be much more difficult than 1850-present particularly because the census data gets much slimmer. I have made a lot of progress on my father's side, and names of all my north American ancestors back to my 5th great-grandparents.(late 18th century) some of this is, unfortunately, under-sourced. At the very least, I stated where I have found the information I have entered, and made at least a cursory check for plausibility. I am continuing the effort to find more sources for these lines. My more immediate ancestors on my father's side are as well sourced. (up to & incl. 2nd great-grandparents all have 5+ primary sources) My mother's side has been more difficult. I have reliable names through 2nd great-grandparents, but I have had significant trouble in several places. Hopefully this is only temporary. My current goals are to focus on my mother's side, as it is much less developed.

Persons especially needing more work:

Father's side: -Charlotte Elizabeth Sickels [1] Primary sources for her, and her parents, but ancestry needs more sources.

-Nathan Brown Young [2] Have primary sources for him, but much of his ancestry is too reliant on secondary sources.

Mother's side:

-Martha E. (Jones) Walmsley [3] Need to find her parents. Having a last name of Jones has not helped.

-Joseph Benjamin Johnson [4] and Catherine Armstrong [5] Have both their parents, but not much else.

-Richard A. Walmsley [6] and Francis B. Minnick [7] Have both their parents, but nothing else.