Hi, I am Alyn Olson. I have been doing family history work since 1964 when the Spirit nudged me to call my husband's grandmother in Kansas and ask her for the name of the places where her and her husband were born in Sweden. I looked up the names of the places at the San Diego genealogical library and found them on film! I was so excited that I ordered the films and 'the bug had bit'!

Sweden is very easy to research. The first night I found both grandparents. I also learned my way around the films. The next time I went to the library and looked at the films, I found his father's siblings. By the time I was done with that Swedish research, I had done over 650 names, with ordinance work, sources, and families and back to 1575!

I have never quit since then. I have worked in Denmark on my maternal grandfather's line of Christiansen. We found a gross error that still needs to be corrected and will be here!

I have worked in Germany/Prussia on my paternal grandmother's line of Ludwig. Seven of us have been searching for that grandfather's parents for over 40 years and have not made one inch of success!!

I have worked on my Surname line, Snell, for about 25 years as the Cyrus Snell & Rhoda Barnes Family Association Genealogist. This one is great fun for me and right now we are trying to find all their descendants. We are also working to get the sources so that we can register with the Mayflower Society and the New England Society. There will be a couple of other societies we can join after those two are done.

I also have been doing more to learn about the history of each ancestor and how they lived and what their lives were like, the things going on around them, the politics of the region, and so on. I want to really "know" them at least back 4 generations.