I have been researching my family history since Jan. 2006 and have learned a lot about my family but there is much more to learn. I am a member of the Bicentennial Branch of the United Empire Loyalists Assoc. of Canada but my ancestry is more diverse than I had imagined. My loyalist ancestors, Joseph Haines, Sr. and Nathaniel Haines, his son, fought with the Butler's Rangers while my Doan ancestors were notorious Quaker Torys, forced to take sides and almost foiling Washington at Trenton. At the same time, Joseph Hawkins, my 6th great-grandfather, was fighting with the patriots at King's Mountain. He was the uncle that Davy Crockett wrote about in his autobiography who shot a neighbour, thinking he was a deer. The man that got shot, so the family legend goes, was my 5th great-uncle, Absolom Stonecipher, who later married Sarah, the woman who nursed him back to health. Absolom's brother was married to Joseph's daughter, Elizabeth Hawkins. I've known all my life that my grandmother was French-Canadian, she couldn't read or write English, but I had no idea that her great-grandfather was the last Seigneur of Eboullements, Pierre Tremblay-Romain. or that his namesake, Pierre Tremblay has a statue in his honour as one of the founders of Canada. I was also surprised to learn that my ancestors were among the founders of New England as well as one of the first families to leave New England for Pennsylvania to practice their Quaker faith. There are many interesting stories about my ancestors and I am going to share them with you as I discover them.

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