Ames of Maine (Hancock and Penobscot counties) ca. 1800 Garland, Moore, Wormwood of Hancock Co Maine ca. 1800 Ames of Groton, MA Ames of Rockingham Co, NH

I am also interested in the use of DNA tools for genetic genealogy. Speaking as a rank amateur, its already obvious that tis work is going to have a profound impact. In my case it hs provided invaluable insights especially in difficult regions with poor records, as for example parts of Maine in the late 18th century. Never completely unambiguous, but sometimes strikingly useful. Its best for hypothesis testing "Is it family A or family B". To that, there is sometimes a crisp answer as for example the Cone family of Kennebec and Penobscot county of Maine in my own tree.

I am certainly interested too in 19th century German immigrant lines, of which I have several. I have found it very difficult to make convincing progress on many of these. In a few case I have been fortunate to have family records with birth villages, in others i know essentially nothing. So far, DNA has been of little helpl here, partly because Europeans have not caught on to autosomal DNA as yet!