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  • Oh, yeh .. do I have this todo list. Let me know if you can help me with any of these. I would appreciate it very much.
  • Records of mission service in late 1890 of Daniel Sedgwick to the California mission.
  • Order Death certificate for Eleanor Longmore (District:Worcester, vol:18, page:373)
  • Look for deaths in Bridgnorth around 1798 for both Josephs (father and son) and also Joice.
  • Look up marriage record of William and Mary Hatton in Dawley Magna - hoping to find indication that William is from Bridgnorth.
  • Look for Hammonds in census born in Bridgnorth.
  • Look closer at Joseph parents candidates. Is it Joseph born 1751 in Madeley to Joseph and Elizabeth. Where did Joseph and Elizabeth go? There are no other children found in IGI.


Links to New Family Search

  • Henry Longmore 1844 - Thomas Jones family is a mess with duplicates. Henry marriage to Elinore Powell in 1870/71 at endowment house. 1861 Wales census looking for Jonathon Rowland (Elinore Roblings father).
  • Robert Walters 1855 - Alfred Booth Walters from Roberts family has work that is in progress. Several children in Rees family needs information. John Argent family problems merging. Cannot combine Emily Argent because You cannot combine two records that contain information from Church membership records.
  • Richard Sedgwick 1849 Research infant Sedgwick parents George and Rachel Sedgwik.
  • Henry Baker 1836 - Several end of line research opportunities.


John Longmore / Ann 1806EnglandNotes#1841 Census
Henry Russell25 May 1806ChelmarshNotes
John12 Mar 1809QuatfordNotes
George1 Dec 1811QuatfordNotes

John Longmore / Mary Glasebrook 31 Jan 1780BillingsleyNotes
John*26 Feb 1781QuatfordNotes
John16 Apr 1781BillingsleyNotes

William Longmore / Elizabeth 1754EnglandNotes
Gerard17 Mar 1754AlveleyNotes
Sarah27 Oct 1755Alveley Notes
John*6 Jun 1756Alveley Notes
Jemima17 Jun 1757Alveley Notes
Ann9 Apr 1757Alveley Notes
William22 Apr 1759Alveley Notes
Thomas1 Jan 1761Alveley Notes

1841 Census

Quatt Malvern

John(55), Ann(65), George(25)

1851 Census