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Dhanks/Ephraim Knowlton Hanks

I'm an avid genealogist looking for ways to apply recent technologies to genealogical research. I'm interested in exploring the possibilities of using a Wiki for genealogical research


Pages of Interest

  • Family History Technology Workshop - I hope to create here a forum for continued discussion of presentations given at the annual Family History Technology Workshop held at BYU.
  • Ideas - Some might say I have an overactive imagination, but my brain frequently seems to churn with ideas about how recent trends in web technologies can be used to enhance genealogical research. Often as I'm reading about a new technology, I'm thinking in the back of my mind, "now how can I apply this to genealogical research?" The result is a lot of neat ideas, but given my responsibilities at home, at work, and in church service, I find myself with almost no time to explore implementations of these ideas. So I'm going to start putting them here, firstly just to get them organized, and to have a place to link to when I point people to them, and secondly in the hopes that someone with more time and/or resources might be able to actually implement some of these things. I'd love any feedback or comments you have to offer on them.
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Open Topics

Let's say we're going to try and represent a pedigree by giving each person their own Wiki page. How do we go about generating unique page names for each individual? We can't just use the person's full name, as names are easily duplicated. We probably can't even use the person's full name followed by their birthdate. As the collection of individuals grows larger, there's still the potential that there will be duplicates.

Do we need something analogous to a sequence, as used in database engines? Perhaps creating a special wiki tag like [[person_id:John Doe]], which pulls the next number off the sequence, and naming the page accordingly.

Transcription Projects

USS Columbus Deck Logs

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