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people: 1006

Research Locations:

Eastern Tennessee, Roane County, Tn, Virginia, North-Western Pennsylvania, South and North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, Somerset, Maryland, Sussex, Delaware, L01a dna, Ireland and Scotland knowledge.

Time Frame: to late 1700s


Primary names-Cowan, Carlock, Ellis, Rushing, Matlock, Hinds (Hines), Abbott, Davidson, Clopton, Dodson, Wood (Lauderdale, Ala and Giles, Tn-Northern Arkansas), Atkinson, Holmes, Moore, Baumbach, Muntzel, Database has 9,173 individuals.


Over 40 years of research, Genealogy courses, Research for Missouri State Archives, Private researcher (non-certified), Published two volume family history with allied lines in 2011


 Clear up misinformation on Cowan line from old research,
 Connect L01a and Cowan lines for future research,
 Share information on family lines
 Finding a confirming dna test for Robert Cowan b. 1744 

Donna Cowan Atkinson