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Hi my name is David Michael Blanchard.

I have been researching my family ancestors for several years. My parents (Blanchard and LeBlanc) are both from Louisiana and most of my ancestors are Cajun-Acadian. My genealogy research focuses on this part of history, so many of my ancestral lines end in the early 17th century (at the Atlantic so to speak). I also research Chesnut (early American - Irish ancestry) and Percle (early Louisiana - German ancestry)

I started working on We Relate in 2013, so far I like that I can share sourcing and citation references and find new references posted by others. I find there is a lot of misinformation propagated across the internet and it is always a good idea to try to get to the original source of the information even if it is only a secondary source.

I currently have thousands of direct ancestors in my family tree, some going back to the middle ages through European (mostly French) noble family lines. I am currently taking an agnatic approach to filling in research references on each paternal line as far back as I can find good references so that (at some point in the future) I'll have some (hopefully solid) references for each ancestor.

I invite any cousins, however distant, who are researching some of the same people as I am to feel free to send me a message.

Happy searching!


Completed Research: I linked my paternal grandfather's family tree to common ancestors already in We Relate.

Current Research: I am linking my maternal grandfather's family tree to common ancestors already in We Relate.

Dead end: Jean Blanchard and Radegonde Lambert are as far back as I can go on my direct paternal line. The earliest reference I can find for this family is the 1671 census of Acadia. Jean is recorded as age 60 in the 1671 census making his birth year about 1611. There is a record of a Louis Blanchard, vigneron from La Rochelle, as a passenger on the Saint-Jehan in 1636. I have found no links between This Louis and Jean who is recorded in Acadia 35 years later. Jean would have been about 25 years old when the Saint-Jehan brought those early settlers to Acadia.