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My name is Cynthia Theusch.

I was born and raised in Alma, Gratiot County, Michigan. Met my husband, Tim, while attending Lansing Business University. We have been married since 1976 -- WOW! Lived in Lansing, Michigan, since 1974. In February 2008, moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have two sons, Arthur and Matthew. Both sons have married; and I am blessed with three grandchildren, Isabella, Caleb and Karsten.

Received Associates Degrees and Bachelor degrees from LCC and Spring Arbor. In December 2007, I graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters in Library and Information Science and a Certificate in Archival Administration; and within two months moved to Ft. Wayne for a totally new career. I am currently employed by the Allen County Public Library as a Genealogy Reference Librarian.