When submitting your request:

  • Make your request as specific as possible -- avoid being too general.
  • ONLY request research for the areas the volunteer is offering to research. (Do NOT ask a volunteer for out-of-area requests.)
  • Never ask more than one volunteer for the same request.
  • Ask the volunteer what services they may request reimbursement for: copies, gas, parking fees, etc.

Note: If no volunteer is listed in the area you need: Watch the page to be alerted of changes to the page -- e.g., the addition of a new volunteer(s). (Click the Watch link in the left navigation panel.)

Remember ... volunteers perform research as a labor or love and are not "on the clock," research for more than one person at a time, and provide results in a reasonable period of time from the initial request. Negotiate an estimated time to perform the research and do not get upset with a researcher if you do not get results "overnight."