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The Volunteer table below provides a list of Cowantex/SandboxTEST volunteers who will provide research assistance in the specified counties.
Additionally, the Cowantex/SandboxTEST page provides the following links to basic Cowantex/SandboxTESTinformation.

  • Alabama Info                      * bullet/link here            * bullet/link here            * bullet/link here
  • Alabama Map                      * bullet/link here            * bullet/link here            * bullet/link here
  • Alabama (Wikipedia)            * bullet/link here            * bullet/link here            * bullet/link here

HELP? Is there a way to put a table within this main portlet? What I'd like to do is have 8 or 12 state links ... in a table consisting of 4 columns and 2 or 3 rows. (I've got three bullets, which are the start of the concept, and I've "dummied" the concept of the entries in a table. But I don't want to list 8-12 links vertically (8-12 lines) if there's a way to do so in 2 or 3 lines by having a table.

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Researchers -- General Guidelines

When submitting your request:

  • Make your request as specific as possible -- avoid being too general.
  • ONLY request research for the areas the volunteer is offering to research. (Do NOT ask a volunteer for out-of-area requests.)
  • Never ask more than one volunteer for the same request.
  • Ask the volunteer what services they may request reimbursement for: copies, gas, parking fees, etc.

Note: If no volunteer is listed in the area you need: Watch the page to be alerted of changes to the page -- e.g., the addition of a new volunteer(s). (Click the Watch link in the left navigation panel.)

Remember ... volunteers perform research as a labor or love and are not "on the clock," research for more than one person at a time, and provide results in a reasonable period of time from the initial request. Negotiate an estimated time to perform the research and do not get upset with a researcher if you do not get results "overnight."

Info for Volunteers

NEW volunteers, to become a VLOGL volunteer, contact: VLOGL with the following information, in the order specified:

  • State:
  • County:
  • Your name: (This is a "display name". If your name is Suzanna Smith, you could want a display name of "Suz-eQ" .. "Sue" ... "Suzanna" ... or even "Suzanna Smith"
  • Volunteer Services: (Describe the services you are willing to provide -- i.e., tombstone photos, obituaries, public records lookups, etc.)
  • Reimbursements(if any): Indicate the actual expenses you wish to be reimbursed for: gas/mileage, copies, fees, postage, etc.

Note: Upon initial contact with the researcher, provide an estimated completion time for the research request so that they have a reasonable expectation of when they can see results.

EXISTING volunteers may edit your own information or request changes by contacting: VLOGL

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County Volunteer's Name Volunteer Services
  • Can help with family histories listed in the Allen Co. Public Library Genealogy Catalog (ACPL). If there is a listing for a book, provide me with a list of titles/call numbers, family surname(s), and what family information you're looking for. (Also check the availability of ACPL microtext records (microfilm and microfiche).
  • The ACPL is the foremost repository for city directories. I can research hard cover city directories found in the ACPL Genealogy Catalog or microfiche and microfilm city directories found in the ACPL microtext catalog. (Please specify city, date range needed, and person(s) of interest.)

Note: I do not live in Alabama ... I live in Allen Co., IN.


I have accumulated (5 GB)of files/records, documents, news items, etc. and scanned/transcribed/digitized so I can quickly search my hard drive. This info includes in part: prison, asylum, inmate, mug shots & Bertillon records, wanted & missing posters, photos, poor/alms/work houses, orphanages, sanitariums, court records, road/prison camp, executions, pardons, convict ships info etc. This info covers all U.S. states [and other countries] and all time frames from 1400's to present but primarily 18th & 19th century.

ALL Sunny Shafer NO Obituaries. Will search my digital archives for copies of mug shots/Bertillon records, wanted posters, convict etc, court records, insane asylums, state hospitals, prisons, jails, alms/poor/work houses, convict camps, convict ships etc covering all dates (mostly 1600s-1900s), many countries and all US states & possessions.,
ALL Jerry ALABAMA FATAL MINING ACCIDENTS, 1900-1902, 1912-1929 and 1934-1938; can provide date, miner's name, mine name, and accident cause. Accident report reference source for major fatal accidents for all years before 1999 if year and mine name or city is known.
ALL Shelli Steedman I will check my marriage index 1809-1920 and death index 1908-1959. Not all counties are listed. I can also check censuses in any state.

Note: I do not live in Alabama.

HELP? Is there a way to put Portlet boxes BELOW this volunteer table?