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 First off let me explain that while my legal last names is Johnson, I am by blood a Cohoon as confirmed by my biological mother and grandmother who both testified the facts of my birth to me upon meeting them. They knew my adopted family personally so when I can to them announcing who I was they knew without doubt that I was one of their own. Through time this was also confirmed by the fact of appearance as I do look not only exactly like my mother but also share features with other family members. Over time I have also found other pieces of information such as photos in my grandmothers collection that are without a doubt me and the house we lived in in Illinois. In the past months, Illinois adoption records are now open and unsealed with conditions. I am working with my mother to get copies of those records to finally have documents that link me back to them as if there is any doubt to the legitimacy to my claim to the heritage I am working on at this time.

The Cohoon Family of Illinois

While I am focused right now on our family in Illinois, let me be clear that I have come to believe that we are directly related to Cohoons from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, which leads me to assume without documents to prove such yet that we are related to William I Cohoon. I have not confirmed this at this time any more than I have personally confirmed what state out side of Illinois we are connections to. To my personal knowledge I can only attest to the ones in Illinois or with Illinois linkage such as the branch of South Dakota which is without a doubt the direct line we are related to and I am grateful to know our family members there. It is also confirmed that from that same line we have family in Georgia as well and a couple in Orgeon. To date I have not confirmed solid connections to any one in any other state personally. I do not claim to be the soul authority on the subject nor do I claim to have the right to claim that I alone am correct on any of the information I personally gather. I am only going by research, information gathered from family members, and from out side sources that have knowledge of either Cohoon genealogy or historical data that is connected to my research. All sources will be listed unless other wise requested that I not list them on line. In that case they will be listed in a private form that only family members will have access to out of public forum.
 All information I post on here will be from my own research. I will not use other people's work and claim it as my own. If I use other people's work it will be sourced and credited to them. 
 I think I have covered where I am at and what to expect of my work on here and hope that my family who may join me in this effort will be pleased with what I have said and the work that goes into this. I would ask that if I have now or in the future make any mistakes or left anything or any one out that should be noted, please notify me at once and I will go back and correct it. 
 Thank you,

Donald Johnson....AKA Daniel