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My biggest problem is my MOORE surname. I'm an only child; my father was an only child; my grandfather, Frank Homer MOORE had a brother, Perley Thomas MOORE who had children who are no longer living, and I can't find their children. Their sister, Jenny, had no children. I'm trying to find information about the parents of my great great grandfather, Theodore Washington MOORE who was born in Ohio as well as where and when he died. I've found him on the 1870 census (and earlier), but several of his children and his wife moved from Muskingum County to Morrow County Ohio where they are buried. Theodore is not with their graves - at least there's no tombstong for him.

My father once told me that our MOORE was originally spelled MOHR and was German. He said it was changed when WWI broke out. However, since I've found Theodore as far back as 1850 in the census and it was always MOORE, my dad was mistaken. That doesn't mean it wasn't spelled that way originally, but I have no evidence of that. Kaye Moore Coller